kuechenstation is a text mode client for the XMMS2 daemon. Unlike other text mode clients it’s not command line based, but features all you would expect from a graphical client:

  • scrolling title

  • playlist editor

  • medialib browser

Latest version (2. Feb 2011): 0.4 (tar.gz | deb)

But you can also check out the SVN trunk:

$ svn checkout http://kuechenstation.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kuechenstation/trunk/kuechenstation

and install from these files instead.

For a changelog see changelog or debian/changelog in the source distribution.

kuechenstation is developed on and can be downloaded from SourceForge.net logo .

1. Introduction

kuechenstation splits the terminal screen in 3 regions:

| scrolling title |
|                 |
| multi window    |
|                 |
| status line     |

Where the multi window changes its behaviour. (See the screenshots)

2. Further information

See INSTALL.html for installation instructions and README.html for usage hints.

3. Plans/Ideas

  • Interactive help.

  • A collection manager to create or edit collections.